USA Resources Inc.

“Your Custom Solutions Provider”

USA Resources is a professional solutions company dedicated to providing clients with the industry's best services. Over the years, the company's prosperity is a reflection of its long-term client relationships and a passion for excellence, and uncompromising adherence to core values. 

"Success has come by forming lasting partnerships with clients, and continually keeping their business goals and objectives in mind.  We work hard to establish winning situations for our clients. We are known for providing a complete solution matching the customer’s needs. Our team works closely with our clients to address each of their requirements." 

USA Resources Mission Statement:

Our mission is to develop exceptional programs for effectively designing and delivering exceptional solutions to support the demand for today and the future.”

USA Resources began as a community idea with "lots of faith" and a vision to provide clients with the best solutions in the industry. The company's values provide a solid foundation as it continues to build a reputation for consistently delivering exceptional results.

Our values combined with our professional expertise define what we call

- OUR way of serving our Clients, Associates and Communities-

Services and Solutions

School-to-Work Internship Programs

Our Community involvement is second to none.  We dedicate a large portion of our efforts to promote School to Work career paths.
  • USA Resources designs and promotes innovative leading edge Internship programs for use in secondary, post-secondary and Career Technical education schools around the globe.
  • USA Resources uses its experts/partners in the United States and in many countries around the world, to interact with local communities.
  • USA Resources supports communities through employee promotions and grants from its affiliates and partners.

Training and Support

          4817 South Argo Rd, Smyrna, GA, 30082   Phone: 770-801-1622

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